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Autumn and Mindfulness

Ah! Breathe in the brisk air! Listen to the sound of the rain on the window or the crunch of the leaves under your feet. Autumn is here! It is one of my favorite times of the year, I love the colors, the smells, the sounds. I especially love the cool mornings that warm up into fresh afternoons. What better time of year to practice being mindful and paying attention! Mindfulness is all about being completely present in any moment without distraction. Being fully aware of the sights, sounds, smells, textures in this moment right now. Here are some simple ways to practice mindful focus on your own or with your family during this wonderful time of year! Pick up some fallen leaves and have your child describe what it looks like, colors, details, textures. Walk mindfully, paying attention to how your body moves and the sounds of your feet on the ground. Sit outside and listen, notice what you hear. Notice if there are sounds you hadn’t heard before. As you are cooking your favorite Autumn stew, notice the smells, sounds, flavors of cooking. I know there are a million more ways to be mindful each day but these are just a few to get you started. Remember, being mindful means leaving judgment at the door. We are just noticing, observing, and describing. We are not criticizing or judging. It may be hard at first, your mind may wander and that is perfectly normal. That is what the mind is designed to do. But each time you notice yourself being distracted, just gently bring your attention back to the task at hand. You don’t have to do it for hours, start with 30 seconds and move up from there. If you start an exercise routine you wouldn’t start with the marathon would you? ~Rikki

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