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Telehealth during COVID-19

Updated: Mar 31, 2020

Hey everyone, I know things have gotten a little hairy out there recently. We are all having to make some pretty significant adjustments to our routines. I wanted to let everyone know that insurance companies are allowing more telemental health during this time, but it's an interesting process to say the least. To simplify things for myself and for you all, I am willing to do teletherapy for a flat rate during this time for those who are willing to pay cash. So, contact me via text, email, or phone if you want to keep your appointments but don't want to risk coming in. I'm still holding office hours, and I have my hand sanitizer and wipes if you do. Stay safe and remember this era of social distancing may not be for your sake, it may be for the sake of your loved ones. So, remember to wash your hands and stay away if you aren't feeling well.

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